© Bird's Eye Photography 2019

© Bird's Eye Photography 2019


Foster Wilson is an award-winning director, filmmaker, and Emergence Award Recipient. Her most recent film, Waffles, has screened at 25+ festivals around the world and garnered 8 nominations and 4 wins, including an Audience Award for Best Short Film. Foster was also one of six filmmakers selected by the Alliance of Women Directors for the first-ever AWD Short Film Initiative; the resulting film, MÍA, premiered at Disney Studios in October 2018. Additional credits: Platypus; Brick & Mopsie; the pilot presentation Love Scenes, LLC; and the web series Gross Anatomy. In development: 5 Stages of Grief (Shift Creative Fund Finalist) and the feature Living Will. Foster is a co-founder of Something Wilde Productions, a member of LA Women’s Film Collective, and a Board Member of the non-profit organization Moms-In-Film. She is repped by Fourth Wall Management.

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© Bird's Eye Photography 2019

© Bird's Eye Photography 2019


Brian Leahy is a writer, editor, director and co-founder of Something Wilde Productions. His writing credits include the web series The Junior League of Super Heroes, which premiered at the Comic-Con Film Festival in San Diego; Waffles, a short film that has screened at 25+ festivals around the globe; Ransom, which he also directed; and 5 Stages of Grief, a SHIFT Creative Fund Finalist. In 2016, Brian wrote and directed a 6-part educational video series titled The Noise In Your Head. He is also author of the political satire Sketch and the one-person plays Cranberry and A Night of Dialogue, which he co-produced and performed in New York City. A graduate of NYU and the Atlantic Theater Company Acting School, Brian is currently developing his first feature film, Living Will. He is repped by Fourth Wall Management.

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Lola Noh has produced numerous music videos and independent short films, including the feature film Banging Lanie; The Gifting Tree, as part of the 2016 Collaboration Filmmakers Challenge; + (Positive); Another Round; On Ice; Monotony, written by Brian Leahy and directed by Foster Wilson; and Best Friend, which earned the Best Film Award and Audience Awareness Campaign Award at the 2017 Easterseals Disability Film Challenge.


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Katharine White is a director and DP based in Los Angeles. In the past three years, Katharine has served as Director of Photography on over 20 films and music videos in addition to her own directorial projects. Most recently, Katharine and director Foster Wilson collaborated on the short films Platypus and MÍA, the pilot presentation for Love Scenes, LLC, and the Gross Anatomy web series. When not on set, Katharine is a cook, baker, and eater of many pies. She is an amateur herbalist, homebrewer, book collector, and cat wrangler.

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Adrian Wittenberg is a production designer based on the West Coast. You can see her most recent work in the short films Platypus, POP, Sam Did It, Hurt, + (Positive), The Gleaner, See You Soon, and Another Round. Adrian excels in creative problem solving and bringing positivity to every set. She's thrilled to be collaborating once again with this outstanding creative team on MADE PUBLIC. In her downtime, you can find Adrian leading renegade Museum Hack tours at the Getty Center.

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