MADE PUBLIC director Foster Wilson on the Reel Easy Review Podcast / by Foster Wilson

In the days before MADE PUBLIC’s online release, director Foster Wilson appeared on the Reel Easy Review Podcast to discuss her journey as a filmmaker, the impetus for MADE PUBLIC, what the film’s final moment really means, and Foster’s favorite film / guilty pleasure (hint: it’s a little flick called Love Actually).

You can listen to the podcast here (P.S. discussion about Made Public begins at 00:47:50).

And here is the review from the Reel Easy Podcast:

Made Public is a delightful yet highly thought provoking short directed by Foster Wilson starring Jeanine Mason and Josh Zuckerman. The film tells the story of a nervous, slightly gawky groom 5 minutes before the start of his wedding where the evening before he has unwisely posted a Facebook poll to see whether or not he should get married. He’s got to be an idiot, right?

This film was clever in so many different ways. It grips you within the first few seconds as you’ve no idea what’s going on. Everyone around the poor sweating groom standing at the alter is giving regular updates on the poll that we have no context for which was a great way of engaging the audience quickly. The use of single shot tracking cameras as we follow Josh through the church to find his fiancé was a bold and brilliant move. It kept the pace of the film as intense as possible and you have to appreciate everyone being on their game during the shoot.

The music was also key in creating the intense atmosphere. The percussive use of human clicks and claps in a disjointed yet rhythmically eerie overtone makes these moving transitions seamless and very compelling.

Both lead actors were fantastic at portraying a realistic dialogue of a relationship on the brink of both being over and also taking it to the next level. The do or die scenario could have been overdramatic but the use of expert comic timing between the two kept things lighthearted and very amusing.

The film as a whole invoked many questions on whether we now rely too heavily on other people’s opinions to inform our own especially now it’s so easy to obtain a large pool of opinions using social media. The Black Mirror influenced theme coupled with the open ended final sequence with the Reverend really rammed this point home and you’re left thinking does it really actually matter what she thinks.

MADE PUBLIC is available to watch now on Vimeo and YouTube. Find more information about the film at