MADE PUBLIC among "highlights" at 2019 Davey Fest / by Foster Wilson

This year, MADE PUBLIC was one of 23 short films to screen in Salt Lake City as part of the inaugural 2019 Davey Fest. The film festival aims to serve as an annual showcase of short films supported by grants from the David Ross Fetzer Foundation as well as shorts by local Utah and national filmmakers.

The Salt Lake City Weekly called out four of the festival’s highlights, including Isaac Cole’s Lucy in the Morning, Angela Rosales Challis’s Undesirables, Curtis Whitear's A Mormon Pageant, and Foster Wilson’s Made Public.

“A great high concept—a groom (Josh Zuckerman) faces getting left at the altar when his would-be bride (Jeanine Mason) goes ballistic over his wedding-eve social media poll over whether he should go through with it—boasts a few killer jokes in its look at the perils of a too-much-information online era.”

Made Public_Photo 7.jpg

Click here to read the full article. MADE PUBLIC will be free to watch on beginning June 24th.