MADE PUBLIC reviewed at Cinequest Film Festival 2019 by “Fanboy Planet” / by Foster Wilson

When we learned that MADE PUBLIC would hold its World Premiere at Cinequest 2019 in San Jose, California, a city at the heart of Silicon Valley, we were hopeful that the film would strike a chord with the tech industry. So, were thrilled to read the following review from Derek McCaw at FANBOY PLANET:

Cinequest 2019: “Made Public”

“Made Public tackles a pretty serious issue about communication. Yet it stays light and clever. Inspired by a wedding in which every decision was made via social media, writer Brian Leahy and director Foster Wilson don’t waste a moment, uncovering the perils of social media, including that awkward moment when you realize you have several online friends that you have no idea who they are.”

“Though the narrative stays contained in a church building, Wilson finds interesting places to set scenes, making the short feel expansive. From her work here, it’s clear she’s ready for more as a director.”